All content contained within should be restricted to those over-age. Occasionally, suicide and self-harm are mentioned and readers should take care to ensure they are in a safe place - emotionally and physically - before reading. Comments are welcome.

Other Information and Blogs of Note

left flank

by Dr_Tad
The McGorry-Hickie reform controversy: Why has mental health become so political?
September 2011

1 Boring Old Man

September 2011

How best to help
September 2011

Allen Frances M.D.

More Questions for Professor McGorry
Psychology Today
October 2011


by John Alchin
Ian Hickie rejects Better Access in mental health reform debate.
September 2011

The Age

by Andee Jones
Talk isn't cheap, but it's better than pills.
October 2011

You Tube

by Gundyyouthstudio
No Access Makes Me Mental
September 2011

by epodcentral
Mental Health in rural Australia
April 2011


by Ben Goldacre
Battling Bad Science
September 2011

And simply for my fun:

Dear Mr Hickie - The Drum

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