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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I paint...

Yes, I paint - badly.  And not often.  I suspect the two are related, though not necessarily.  Perhaps I would suck even with practice.

In any event, I like to paint.  It's relaxing, while at the same time, eventually, you get to accomplish something you can hold in your hand.

I have included pictures of two works in progress.  I'm not sure what to do about either of them.  The first one has an accident in the middle lol - and the second one is just - bleugh for now.  I think it has potential, but it needs something more and I'm not sure what.

Actually the first one needs something more too, but I think that one is something I have to figure out for myself...

Having a hobby such as this is good for mental health.  So is therapy.  And not necessarily art therapy :-P  That depends on the person!

Don't we all have the right to make the most of our lives?  To be given the tools to make the most of our lives, even if illness strikes us down and lays us flat out in a field of emptiness?  To have help, when we need it?

Linda Wemyss

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